FRENDS Cobalt is solution for easy-to-define and easy-to-monitor file transfers. Cobalt is an extremely efficient both in configuration and execution of file transfer scenarios. It offers out-of-the-box capabilities for FTPS, SFTP, FTP and file shares as well as powerful API for customization. See more details from technical Tour.

There is no development work needed for implementing scheduled or triggered transfer scenarios for extremely large files. Cobalt supports archiving and management of file transfer batches and also built-in reports for executed transfer processes.

FRENDS Cobalt is an ideal product for environments with simple file transfer requirements, simultaneously providing a seamless upgrade path to creating a full SOA-based integration architecture with FRENDS Iron and Microsoft BizTalk Server.

"Within six months we have implemented 50 interfaces using FRENDS Cobalt. During this time we have been able to reduce 75 consultancy days. In addition we have saved calendar time, which is an extra take-away in rigid projects. Reliability of the Frends' solution is impressive."

- Pete Perälä, System Manager, Group IT, YIT Corporation