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FRENDS Integration Platform

FRENDS is a full-fledged integration platform that speeds up and simplifies your integration solutions while cutting their maintenance and development costs. When designing FRENDS, we’ve used these four key principles to guarantee your success.


All the code in FRENDS⁴ is executed using .NET Common Runtime Language without the cumbersome extra layers most competing products use. As a result, FRENDS⁴ scales extremely well both vertically and horizontally.

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Packed with features

FRENDS⁴ boasts a wide array of features such as multiple process trigger types, support for offering FRENDS⁴ Processes as a Service to third parties and multiple environment support from a single interface. These out-of-the-box features can be enhanced with a number of custom solutions. FRENDS⁴ is updated twice a year with new features and improvements.

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FRENDS⁴ concentrates the management of processes and integrations into a single user friendly management interface. Our principle is information first. All the information is available in easy to understand structures instead of complicated technical terms.

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Cloud Ready

FRENDS⁴ is a cloud ready integration platform and can be natively installed in Microsoft Azure using the iPaaS model. Hybrid solutions for your on-premise integration needs can be created by installing a FRENDS⁴ Agent on your on-premise server. Naturally, full on-premise installations are supported as well.

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